Heather Claus

PICP L2 Strength Coach, Biosignature practitioner,
Fascial stretch specialist

Heather Claus has helped clients improve balance, strength, hormonal health and fat loss for over 16 years. She teaches clients how to embrace the best version of themselves with healthy nutrition and supplementation.

As a PICP L2 strength coach, Heather holds many certifications. In fact, she is an L3 fascial stretch-certified specialist, an accreditation that only a few individuals hold around the globe.

Heather’s certifications include: PICP L1, L2 (Poliquin Strength Institute); FAT Tool (The Fit Institute); Biosignature Modulation L1, L2 (Poliquin Strength Institute); FST L1, L2, L3 (Stretch to Win); Advanced Strength Training and Neurotransmitters (YPSI Germany); Rock Doc/IASTM, FMT, Cupping (RockTape Canada); Advanced Strength Training (Preston Greene University of Florida); Principles of Strategic Medicine (Dr. Ben Lynch).

Heather’s clients range in ages and lifestyles, from children to Olympic, NCAA, and NFL athletes. Clients have followed her teachings to help lessen pain and improve performance.

When she’s not at the clinic, Heather is raising her teenage son. She enjoys learning Brazilian Jujitsu and refining her coaching techniques. Additionally, she follows a healthy lifestyle to improve her personal nutrition and training.


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