NAD IV Therapy - Protects, Restores and Optimizes Brain Function

  • NAD IV therapy from our Toronto practice may assist with alleviating brain fog, chronic stress, poor energy levels, and poor concentration.
  • Also considered as a form of anti-aging medicine for helping fight oxidative stress, which can lead to physical and mental aging.
  • The IV Lounge is conveniently located in Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario. Our integrative and functional medicine clinic is currently accepting new patients for NAD IV therapy.

Did you know that NAD could help delay the onset of aging? And did you know that NAD is something the body needs for surviving, yet it declines as we age?

NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme that the body requires for converting consumed food into energy and triggering biochemical reactions. Simply put, NAD is crucial for the human body to metabolize nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Next to regulating metabolism, NAD impacts how we form skeletal muscle and regenerate tissue. In fact, studies have shown that low NAD levels are detrimental to muscles, while elevated NAD levels could improve muscle health.

Appropriately, NAD promotes the proper functioning of our body cells. But there’s a problem: NAD levels naturally decline as we mature. This can prompt changes to our metabolism, energy levels, and body processes over time, and we can become susceptible to age-related diseases and health concerns, such as Alzheimer’s, sarcopenia, inflammation, and weakened muscles.

Read on to learn how to replenish NAD levels for optimal health, the beneficial effects of NAD IV therapy, and how to get a functional medicine consultation at our practice.

Reloading NAD Levels with the Restorative Medicine Approach

Toronto functional medicine practitioners always remind patients to visit their health care provider before trying new supplements or treatments. So prior to trying NAD IV therapy treatments, we also endorse consulting with an integrative or functional medicine practitioner; this would determine the appropriate route for boosting NAD levels.

You have a few options for improving your NAD intake, which include:

  • Sublingual or nasal NAD supplementation
  • Oral supplements of NAD precursors
  • NAD intravenous therapy (IV therapy)

We suggest NAD IV therapy if you want to confirm a complete absorption of nutrients in your body. As one of the IV therapy drips offered by our functional medicine Toronto IV therapy clinic, NAD IV therapy naturally replenishes NAD levels, while rehydrating the body. It works like this:

  • The NAD infusion solution is freshly compounded. The patient is seated comfortably and safely connected to a slow drip through the veins.
  • The solution enters the blood flow immediately, and the NAD solution is readily available for the body to absorb. This process is speedy because the treatment doesn’t require filtration through the digestive system.

Regular NAD IV therapy, combined with a functional medicine program, could contribute to health benefits that affect longevity, mental health, metabolic processes, and other aspects of wellness.

Beneficial Effects of NAD IV Therapy from Toronto

As per functional medicine wisdom, each patient is a disparate being that should be treated separately from other entities. At the IV Lounge, our approach to health care models this viewpoint, so we recommend NAD IV therapy according to your biological needs only.

With that, some of the benefits that could arise from NAD IV therapy include an improvement in energy levels, metabolism and cell vitality. Other beneficial effects may consist of:

  • Helping to prevent or recuperate from cognitive decline: Boosting your NAD intake could impact brain health by improving neuron functions, safeguarding cells from harm, and promoting peak mitochondrial functioning. According to animal studies, a family of proteins called sirtuins may be linked to upgrading memory and learning. Sirtuins have been shown to protect the body from amyloid proteins, which are related to Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Sirtuins profoundly rely on NAD, therefore, boosting NAD levels may likely help protect the body from amyloid proteins.
  • Possibly correcting or averting DNA damage: Sirtuins have been shown to protect DNA from damage. But for this to happen, sirtuins need ample levels of NAD to help turn age-related protective pathways “on” and “off. Also, NAD could offer DNA protection from inflammation. For example, inflammation can arise from a poor diet, pollution and other toxicities, which could harm cellular structures and DNA. But routine NAD IV treatments might encourage sirtuins to fight against DNA damage.
  • Encouraging recovery from substance abuse: Excessive consumption can trigger impairment to the human body and brain. In particular, consuming unwarranted amounts can cause a drop in NAD levels. If you are attempting to recover, NAD IV therapy could also help with lessening cravings while helping to battle brain fog, anxiety and feebleness.
  • Helping with recovery from sports injuries: It’s not uncommon to experience weakened cellular function and inflammation from athletic injuries. However, regular NAD supplementation could assist with increasing blood flow around the injured area. In turn, this could promote recovery from inflammation and muscle pain.
  • Possibly lessening the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, NAD could offer some alleviation. NAD boosts the production of ATP, molecules that your cells desperately require for energy. With that, NAD IV therapy could help with energizing cells, thereby reducing the severity of chronic fatigue side effects.
    How would you benefit from NAD supplementation? Let’s find out how NAD IV therapy and our functional medicine approach could help with reaching your health goals.

How to Contact the IV Lounge for NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy from Toronto is available at our IV Lounge – and you’re invited to meet our functional medicine health care provider, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor and nurse practitioner.

Our clinic is currently accepting new patients who want functional medicine education to help them make health care decisions. Integrative and functional medicine is practiced, with a focus on naturopathic medicine, allopathic treatments, bio-identical hormone therapy, vitamin IV therapy, acupuncture, and other modalities.

Keep in mind that your comfort is always top-of-mind! Functional medicine consultations at our practice may be conducted in-person or virtually through an encrypted telemedicine portal.

Do you have questions about NAD IV therapy from our Toronto-based IV Lounge? Let’s see how NAD could improve your energy and cognition! Call (647) 549-3484 or click here to send us a message.


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