Feeling tired and stressed out? Myers Cocktail is here to the rescue! Popularly known for its energy-boosting effect and as an immune iv drip, this vitamin infusion could be the answer you’re looking.

If you’re looking into getting this IV therapy soon, here are five things you need to know about the Myers infusion:

#1 The Infusion

The Myers Cocktail is a vitamin infusion packed with vitamins and minerals designed to help improve your overall health and wellness. It is named after Dr. John Myers who is the pioneer of this treatment.

#2 The Mixture

The ingredients in a Myers Cocktail may be different from one IV clinic to another. The most common ones are magnesium, calcium,B6, B5, B12, potassium, B-Complexand vitamin C. Here at The IV Lounge, other vitamins and minerals added for better results include the following:

  • Potassium Chloride
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • MTE5( trace elements)
  • Molybdenum
  • Dexpanthenol Pyridoxine
  • B12
  • Folic Acid

#3 The Benefits

Scott Rollins, MD of the Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado wrote:

“Most patients with fatigue or even chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) will benefit from Myer’s cocktail infusions, often within the first few treatments. Ongoing maintenance infusions every few weeks are usually necessary to maintain good results but some patients improve enough that further treatments are not necessary. There are a few research studies showing patients with CFS have Magnesium deficiency, either in the bloodstream or only inside the red blood cells despite normal blood levels.

Chronic pain, including that from relapsing injury or fibromyalgia, has been shown to improve with Myer’s cocktails. One study showed 74% of patients improved while 64% only required four or fewer injections. Some practitioners report success using Myer’s cocktail for acute muscle spasms.”

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#4 How is it given

ReSquared Medical published a lengthy article “Everything you want to know about the Myers’ Cocktail”. In this post, they described what the things you should expect before, during and after your iv therapy:

“The nutrient-rich mixture will be administered via syringe or IV (usually into your forearm) over a period of time ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. Treatment rooms oftentimes are relaxing spaces, with dim lights and comforting music.

Don’t be surprised to feel a “flush” that starts in your chest and moves through your body. Some report a warm sensation in the pelvic region; others, a metallic taste in your mouth. Patients have also experienced heightened visual activity.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat beforehand—otherwise, you may feel faint or dizzy.

Those who’ve received Myers’ Cocktail treatments report feeling re-energized, perky, and pain-free. Some have noticed tighter facial skin and a healthy all-around glow. You might even call the Myers’ Cocktail a “vacation-in-a-bag,” as many describe feeling as rested and happy as after a week-long vacation.

Typically patients are recommended for Myers’ Cocktail treatments once a week for 4 weeks, and then once or twice a month afterward. The frequency may vary based on the medical professional, patient, and symptoms.”

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Ready to get your first dose of Myers Cocktail? Visit our clinic and let our resident Naturopathic doctor guide you throughout the treatment process. You are welcome to contact us anytime for questions and concerns.