The IV Lounge
1200 Bay Street #1102
Toronto, ON M5R 2A5
(647) 549-3484

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Is this is your first time having an IV Drip at our clinic?

Please note a preliminary 30 – 45 minutes co-joint health assessment with our naturopathic doctor and our IV Therapy providers nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor is required before you can receive your intravenous drip to ensure that the most appropriate vitamin cocktail is selected for you. For more complex health conditions an initial consultation may be required.

Please note: All of our IV treatments are referred to our IV Therapy providers (nurse practitioner and/or medical doctor).


    We have moved 300 Meters West!


    In order to continue and explore exciting modes of treatment, we are thrilled to announce our upgraded facility and new services.


    We have relocated to  162 Cumberland, Suite 222-A, M5R 1A8 in the heart of Yorkville!


    Our new contact information is (416) 968-6961. Please give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you again ! :)