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About The Beaches


Located in downtown of Toronto, The Beaches is named as it is because of the four beaches situated around Lake Ontario. Its prominent characteristic is because, in the West, East and Centre are the Woodbine, Balmy and Kew and Scarboro Beaches respectively. The Beaches was once a devastated area until in 1950, LakeShore Boulevard was extended to Woodbine Avenue and finally became a bathing beach.


In the 1900’s, the trees initially covered the place, some private homes, and swampland. The area was artificially and continuously undergone widening in 1930. The Beach was first settled by the Ashbridge Family in 1973. A lot of families have worked hard together to farm the area and until it was later divided into smaller cities in the 1800’s. During that time, some parts of the land were separated and reserved for local parks. The four mentioned significant beaches have attracted a lot of residents and was later developed into residential areas. Which then became as one of Toronto’s most popular neighborhoods.


Most Notable Places:

Ashbridge’s Bay
It was once a part of a marsh not far from Toronto Islands and Harbor. It became a smaller portion when infills and water treatment facilities caused it to shrink. Although it is surrounded by Marinas, and some sections of trees, its natural shoreline is nowhere to be found.


The Board Walk
Is one of the most famous places in the Beaches, it is adorned by the Martin Goodman Trail which trails along the Beach to the Humber River.


Kew Gardens
Has one of Toronto’s tennis programs which are most active. The Beach Branch of Toronto has a public library right next to it together with a baseball diamond, and artificial link, a children’s playground, and a concert bandstand.


The Beaches in Ontario, Toronto have garnered arguments into what name it should be called with, but it is also a name globally recognized by tourists and visitors. But, the name itself holds meaning to every individual who prefers the term itself to refer with the four unique areas merging.

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