Vitamin IV Therapy


  • Take advantage of the many possible benefits that a vitamin drip may give you.

  • Popular vitamin therapies – Myers cocktail, The After Party, High Dose Vitamin C.

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Vitamin IV therapy has been around for a while and is known to offer possible benefits such as increased energy, complete hydration, and has fewer side effects. It had gained the public’s attention when this therapy started. If you’re interested in getting your first session, visit or contact our clinic now!

About Rockcliffe–Smythe


Rockcliffe–Smythe used to be a farm land in the 1800s. It used to be a part of the former City of York before its amalgamation of Toronto in 1998.


Conn Smythe, a Canadian businessman, opened the Smythe gravel pit in the 1920s, one of the first large-scale developments in the area which later on led to the development of residential homes. The Smythe name has been retained ever since in his honor.


Rockcliffe–Smythe is mainly characterized by residential homes. It is also popular for having a vast amount of green spaces including the Smythe Park Recreation and Community Center, and the Black Creek Valley with running and walking trails throughout the vicinity.


Interesting facts:

– In 2011, top 5 languages in Rockcliffe–Smythe was English (61.40%), Portuguese (7.28%), Spanish (6.83%), Vietnamese (3.91%) and Italian (2.28%)

– The Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School built in 1989 is the first Catholic high school in the City of York

– George Syme Community School, a public elementary school on Pritchard Avenue, celebrated its centennial anniversary last 2009

– BlogTO listed Rockcliffe–Smythe as one of 2017’s top 5 neighborhoods in Toronto on the rise

– Airbnb listed it s one of the hottest areas to visit in 2017


Rockcliffe–Smythe is a popular choice for first time home owners because of its family-friendly residential area. Come and visit the area today!

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