Vitamin IV Therapy


  • Vitamin drip therapy may prevent and help manage different health conditions.

  • Intravenous vitamin therapy is ideal for people with GI problems.

  • Comfortable lounge chairs at our IV drip lounge – visit us now!


Vitamin drip therapy is given intravenously hence it bypasses the stomach and prevents intestinal upsets such as nausea and diarrhea. Large doses can be given making it more effective than conventional medicine and is ideal for people with gastrointestinal problems.

About Parkwoods


Parkwoods, Toronto is one of the biggest neighborhood located in the northern part of York Mills, the same area is also a host to a population of mostly immigrants and is a mix of both low and middle-income families. Parkwoods is also composed of Chinese, South Asians and Blacks (African and Caribbean) constitutes the largest ratio of inhabitants. The town is home to original house owners purchased 50 to 60 years before who are still occupying it until the present time.


The long winding roads are the most prominent feature of Parkwoods boasting several large parks and trails. The area has a long history of archaeological discoveries such as a blade, some pottery, and pebble representing a child’s as well as some other artifacts.


Interesting facts about Parkwoods, Toronto:
– The Coulson log cabin built in 1833 by John Coulson remained standing until 1956 when this neighborhood began to be developed.
– A lot of the first settlers in Parkwoods are buried in a cemetery at the Wesleyan Methodist Church.
– The town is always thought of as a loud vicinity, but it is actually the contrary.


Some Notable Locations:
– Pleasure skating at the Fenside Arena
– Tennis at Cassandra Park
– Outdoor pool at Broadlands Community Center
– Brooksbank Park available for different exercising activities
– Victoria Terrace Shopping Center

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