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About Oakridge


Oakridge hosts a lot of social and recreational activities around its neighborhood vicinity. The area is also home to a diverse number of older houses but with an exciting shopping district. The Northern side of Oakridge is surrounded by ravines while the Southern area is the railway lines and industry.


The Oakridge Community Center is where the majority of the youth in the area seek entertainment. Cataraqui Crescent and Teesdale Place are one of the many public housings that are found in the neighborhood.


In 1913, A school named Oakridge Public School was built in which the Oakridge Park and Danforth Road are currently situated, it is where most of the development in Oakridge is centered. Although it was demolished after six decades, a memorial was built in honor of the school. It can be seen on the entrance of Danforth Road to Oakridge Park.
In 1918, the neighborhood had developed its bus system, and around 1950’s, the Bloor-Danforth subway line was extended. Both events had attracted a considerable number of people from the area.


Some interesting facts:
Danforth Road is abundant with small, independently owned shops.
Shoppers world is a famous destination for residents.
Shoppers World is also known for its discounted shops.
About 40% of the population is composed of Blacks and South Americans.
20% of the population is of Muslim Faith.


Notable Establishments:
Oakridge Community Centre
Shoppers World
Bloor – Danforth Subway line
Warden Woods Park


Oakridge is one of the diverse neighborhoods in Toronto regarding ethnicities and religion. It is also a place where it offers a variety of excellent areas and activities for all ages.

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