Vitamin IV Therapy


  • Custom vitamin infusion cocktail available.

  • IV drip lounge conveniently located in the center of Yorkville.


If you’re looking to improve your overall health status, you might consider getting an intravenous vitamin therapy. This therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly to your bloodstream making them available for instant use. Dosage varies from different individuals. Contact us for more details

About Mimico


Mimico is primarily a residential area characterized by homes ranging from lakeside estates, bungalows, low rise apartment buildings and high rising condominiums. It is well known for its beautiful lakefront parks and amazing recreational facilities. The town is also a few minutes away from downtown Toronto thanks to its own GO Transit station making it a popular choice for homebuyers.


The opening of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1906 paved the way for the town’s development albeit slow. During World War II residential and commercial structures were built, and church expansion was seen to accommodate larger congregations.


Mimico experienced a slow decline post war period. Families moved to better outer suburbs, businesses failed, and small establishments moved out of the area. Attempts at rejuvenating the town started around 1998 where townhouses, waterfronts, recreational facilities and condo apartment buildings were built.


Interesting facts:
– The name “Mimico” is derived from the Ojibwe word omiimiika which means “abundant with wild pigeons”
– Ranked number one by the Toronto Life magazine as the “Where to Buy Now” list of neighborhoods (2012)
– The Mimico Tennis Club is the only red clay surface tennis court in Toronto


Popular recreation areas:
– Mimico Arena
– Mimico Yacht Club
– Mimico Tennis Club
– Lakeshore Lawn Bowling Club
– Amos Waites Park and Swimming Pool
– Vimy Memorial Park


Notable people:
– Jerome Drayton (Marathoner)
– Brendan Shanahan (NHL ice hockey player)
– Rory Smith (National Lacrosse League player)
– Sir Ernest MacMillan (Orchestral conductor and composer)


Mimico is the place to be when you’re into various recreational activities. Hockey and skating fans surely won’t be disappointed.

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