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High dose vitamin C for cancer is a popular IV therapy that helps fight the adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy. If you want to find out what kind of intravenous vitamin treatment is best for you, our registered and board certified Naturopathic doctor is ready to guide you. Drop by our clinic or give us a call!

About Downsview


Downsview, one of Toronto’s largest neighborhoods, was originally a farm in the 1870’s, named after the owner John Perkins Bull (carrying the same name Downs View) and is located not far from Keele Street and Rustic Road.


The town is masked by history as the majority of the area are subdivisions which were built immediately in the 1960’s post-World War II. It has a modernized park famously known as Downsview Park which was once the former site of Canadian Forces Air Base Downsview which was converted following the end of Cold War.


Maintained Parks and Recreational Areas:
– Downsview Dells Park
– Chalkfarm Park
– Ancaster Community Centre
– Roding Park


Notable Sites:
– Jane-Exbury Towers
– Downsview Complex
– Downsview Park
– George Jackson House


Some interesting Facts:
– Downsview has large Italian (14%), Black/Afro-Caribbean/West -Indian (11%) and Latin American (10%) populations.
– Downsview Park is the only national urban park in the entire Canada.
– Home to Drive Tests for driving testing and licenses.
– Downsview Hangar – 45,000 square meter multi-purpose recreational facility that includes indoor fields, beach volleyball courts, and ball hockey arena, as well as a pro shop and a restaurant called The Hangar Grill.
– The John Perkins Bull house has been preserved up to this modern age at 450 Rustic Road where it presently serves the purpose as a nursing home.

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