Did you know that amino acids can be given intravenously at an IV therapy Toronto clinic?

We can’t stress enough the importance of amino acids – after all, these compounds promote optimal functioning! This is because they’re known as the “building blocks” of proteins in the human body.

Amino acids nurture the body, fulfill bodily functions, repair damaged tissues, and break down the food we eat. They play a role in mental health, as they help create neurotransmitters (i.e. serotonin, adrenaline, etc.).

There are 20 different amino acids and they’re categorized as essential, non-essential, and conditional. Out of that 20, we are only able to synthesize 11 of them. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce nine of these compounds on its own, plus we might not consume enough from diet alone. So deficiencies may result, causing you to lack the basic materials needed for keeping you in vigorous shape.

In this article, the IV Lounge discusses the key beneficial effects of amino acid intravenous therapy:

  1. It may provide quick responses to the body

IV nutrients are inserted directly into the blood vessels; then your body absorbs the nutritional fluid for immediate use, making this an effective treatment. This is in contrast to oral intake, which requires time to sift through the digestive system.

  1. May add “fuel” to your training performance

Did you know that amino acid supplements could improve your energy levels? Amino acids for energy also aid in lowering your RPE (Rapid Perceived Exertion) rate, allowing you to lengthen the duration of your training. This supplementation even safeguards muscle mass from catabolism, while improving muscle protein synthesis. It’s possible that intravenous amino acids could encourage these benefits in the athlete’s body, even likely helping with recovery from training.

  1. Alleviates nutritional deficiencies

Amino acid deficiency symptoms may include:
Muscle loss
Low mood
Memory loss
Recovering at a slow rate from illnesses

An amino acid IV drip could contribute to easing these symptoms while replenishing missing compounds. You may be deficient if you suffer from: protein deficiencies; malabsorption (when the body cannot break down protein); or maldigestion (cannot break down food due to a shortage of pepsin, digestive enzymes, or stomach acid).

Aging can also cause this nutritional shortage. Did you know that, as we mature, we could face issues with digesting protein? According to Psychology Today, “Stomach acid drops by almost 40% from the teens to the thirties and almost half again by the seventies.” Thus, amino acid IV drips may provide a unique anti-aging benefit.

  1. Promotes recovery from intestinal inflammation

An amino acid therapy drip may act as a natural solution for restoring intestinal inflammation. Intestinal inflammation could result from pancreatitis, an autoimmune disease, chronic stress, and/or from drinking excessive alcohol. But oral amino acid intake plus an IV amino acid treatment, such as one with L-glutamine, may incite intestinal cell regeneration.

  1. Contributes to improving mental health and lessening pain

Amino acids positively impact mood. Let’s consider tryptophan, another type of amino acid: “A series of studies…examine[d] the effects of specially formulated tryptophan-free meals on mood state. These studies have consistently observed substantial increases in depression when these low-tryptophan meals are ingested,” explains the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research.

Notably, studies have shown that tryptophan may lessen sensitivity to pain. The Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research reported that, “The changes in aggression and pain induced by artificially altering plasma levels of tryptophan are consistent with data implicating serotonin in the regulation of aggression and pain sensitivity.” Thus, customized IV amino acids drips combined with oral supplementation may be beneficial for helping boost mood and lessening chronic stress and pain.

How to test for an amino acid deficiency

If you think you’re lacking amino acids, you should know that the IV Lounge can test for this. These specific lab tests are conducted via Doctor’s Data, a reputable laboratory based in the United States. Both blood testing and urine analysis are available for measuring amino acids in the body:

  • Plasma testing: measuring nutrients within a single time frame, this test focuses on blood samples. It’s a test that is recommended if the patient has abnormal renal function, as this test can detect renal function markers; overnight fasting is mandatory.
  • Urine testing: this test can provide an analysis of your metabolic status within a 24-hour period. Like the plasma test above, the urine amino acid test can detect renal function markers, though this urine test is sensitive to detecting patterns of enzyme functions and cofactor sufficiency. To have this test conducted, patients must have normal renal functioning; urine should be collected first thing in the

Custom treatments 

Although each amino acid has a different role in the body, a deficiency may cause various issues, such as:

  • Depression
  • Fertility concerns
  • Low immunity to illnesses
  • Low concentration levels
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Impaired immune system function
  • Oxidative stress
  • Reduced overall detoxification capacity

Each patient may have a different experience with nutritional shortcomings. This is why the IV Lounge recommends customizing your IV therapy with personalized vitamin supplement regimens – to target your needs for reaching optimal health.

An initial consultation must occur between our clinic’s naturopathic doctor and yourself to discuss medical history. Then our health care practitioner can customize your IV vitamin therapy drip with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that purposely fit your health goals.

How to get an intravenous drip from a Toronto IV Lounge

Amino acid IV drips may offer plenty of wellness benefits to you. Are you interested in IV therapy at our Toronto clinic? Then let’s talk!

The IV Lounge also provides various IV vitamin treatments, including high-dose vitamin C infusions and other high doses of vitamin IV drips suitable for athletic recovery, recovery from dehydration, and jet lag.

Our vitamin drip treatments, combined with integrative naturopathic and functional medicine care, may help support a wide range of health issues, including: chronic fatigue; blood pressure support; hangover relief; cellular functioning; liver detoxification; skin health; adrenal fatigue and thyroid conditions; immune function; leaky gut syndrome; brain function; heavy metal toxicity; and other health concerns and medical conditions.

Together, let’s uncover how IV vitamin drips may offer a therapeutic benefit to your body over time. Reserve your IV therapy Toronto appointment – call (647) 549-3484 or send us a message to book your 15-minute DISCOVERY session.


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